The Best Mug Warmers That You Would Want to Have on Your Side

September 3, 2019 by No Comments

Let’s be realistic about it. There’s nothing that can be as bad as having a lukewarm coffee. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, all hot drinks such as tea or coffee should be served at temperatures between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to ensure that a comfortable cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa is served at an ideal temperature, we recommend investing in a good electric cup warmer. Here is a list of the highest temperatures in the mugs so that your drinks are always served at the right temperature this season.

Set the Cosori mug and heat the coffee mug

This high-tech coffee heater is made of stainless steel from Cosori sport-based touch controls, a bright LED display that makes the heating plate very easy to read and water resistant. The heating element in the cup heater provides the panel with a length of up to 230 degrees in Fahrenheit, indicating the fact that users will be able to customize the temperature they want their drink anywhere between 77 degrees and 158 degrees in Fahrenheit. If you are a true techie when it comes to gifting or if you are a coffee lover in this holiday season, this amazing mug will make the perfect item to choose.

Mickey Mouse mug warmer from Disney

Have you been a Disney fan all your life? Then it is better to give them a gift that they will actually use every morning with the cool mug warmth and the theme around Mickey Mouse and the matching ceramic mug set. You will fall in love with the illuminated light titled “Mickey Mouse” located on the front of this heating device which indicates when your hot drink of your choice is ready.

Mr. mug warmer for coffee

This lovely mug is warmer than running with the help of electricity brought by Mr. Coffee.It’s over 5 inches wide, providing a fairly spacious space for a soup bowl that may be small or a mug filled with a huge size atmosphere. The cord is also kept for a very long time, so you can plug it anywhere when you keep it in your office even when the nearest outlet is out of reach.

Amber mug with temperature control and mug warmer functions

The ceramic self-heating cup helps you maintain an ideal temperature without leaving any stones unchanged (actually wireless). It is accompanied by an Ember app that also lets you save temperature preferences for all your favorite drinks, so that each sip happens just like the first sip.

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