Good Communication Is As Stimulating As a Decent Cup of Coffee

May 3, 2019 by No Comments

Good communication is stimulating like a decent cup of coffee … just as much sleep after him.

After meeting potential clients for the first time, the meeting was restarted on a continuous loop … all night long.

If you have a meeting set up, you put your foot in the door, and now all you have to do is convince them.

Here are some pointers:

Most importantly – do your homework on your customer / company / market where they are located, Google search takes seconds but can reap huge benefits.
Choose your meeting space wisely, if it’s a cafe, is there a quiet room you can use, away so you can talk peacefully? If not, is your space clutter-free but reflect your personality? You can showcase your talent without being too obvious – unless that’s the point then you go for
Wear smartly / professionally but not out of character – you have to be comfortable too.
Take a deep breath, smile and enjoy it.
Start with a small conversation and don’t get directly into the work, and you will overwhelm the situation.
Buying decent coffee – I know we have a coffee company, but I can’t emphasize enough how much effort it takes to deliver the amazing coffee.
You can now talk about business – make sure you also look for their competitors and those industries that are compatible with their business.
Gently critique their actions – what they are good at, and what they do not, mention how you can help them improve.
Ask them what they like about their business, what they don’t like and what they’re looking for.
Ask open questions, take notes and repeat their answers so you know the information is correct.
Just say “yes” or agree to work with them if you’re absolutely sure you can.
If the client has spent time to meet you, there are opportunities because they want to work with you.
Take all the information you have, write it down in a contractual agreement, make sure that both parties understand the small picture … and that you are happy with it.

Amazing coffee is not expensive, and if you get it right, it will impress your potential customer from the start.

The most important thing to remember: Customers just want to be able to solve their problems.

Did you finish this?

After securing a meeting with a new lead, the next important problem is to convince them of your ideas or service. The first impressions are counted and you have about 7 seconds to make them count. Give them a decent cup of coffee.It’s not too expensive, and it could be all about an ice cup. Here’s a link to making a great drink.

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