How to Make the Perfect Cappuccino With Your Nespresso Coffee Machine

March 3, 2019 by No Comments

We must go to the cafe or buy an expensive machine and take a barista course in the coffee industry. But did you know that you can actually make a great cappuccino at home without anything more than a Nespresso coffee machine?

Well, the Nespresso coffee machine and the coffee is really good. If you are in the market for Italian Nespresso centuries, you won’t really be able to get past Gimoka. Started in Gimoka, which started in bars and cafes in Italy more than 50 years ago, only recently in supplying the Italian house mustache with horns compatible with Nespresso.

Gimoka coffee capsules are made at their location in the family coffee roaster on Lake Como, and combine capsules of the finest fair trade beans from ecological and economic sources from around the world. They are packaged in airtight capsules, so you won’t lose their taste until weeks after opening, meaning you can enjoy an authentic Italian espresso without leaving your kitchen. Pods are also completely recyclable and organic, so your conscience is also clear!

Filled with a Nespresso coffee machine, milk and some compatible Nespresso capsules, you’re ready to make a truly great Italian cappuccino.

The first step is to heat the milk. If you have a brother at home, you can use that. Otherwise, just heat the milk in the microwave or on the stove, then taste it in a blender or a stick mixer until it froths. It should only take a minute. Give it a fuss and set it to one side.

The second step is to make your own Italian espresso. Always heat your coffee mug with a little boiling water before preparing. Otherwise, your coffee will be cold before you can have this first hydration. Get a compatible Italian Nespresso case. We love Gimoka Intenso mix with cappuccino. Sweet and strong flavor so you don’t have to add any sugar or worry about the milk that submerges your coffee.

Turn on the Nespresso coffee machine and let it heat up. You never want to make espresso with a cold machine. By doing this, the coffee does not leak properly and you end up with weak and unpleasant coffee. So once you heat your Nespresso coffee machine, grab your pod and start brewing. When the coffee explodes, tilt your glass slightly to ensure that the coffee runs on both sides of the cup.

The dust of chocolate powder is also great.

And that’s it. The perfect Italian cappuccino with nothing more than a Nespresso coffee machine and some wonderful Italian pods. Enjoy!

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