How to Brew Your Coffee With a Hario V60

March 3, 2019 by No Comments

In order to brew coffee with the Hario V60 coffee dryer, there are a few simple steps that will give you great results every time. Read on to learn more.

Equipment you will need:

Kettle (of course!)
Hario V60 coffee machine size 01 or 02
Some filter papers to fit your dripper
A mug of your choice. A larger mug is needed if you are brewing with a larger 02 dripper size.
Some coffee, preferably freshly roasted and in the form of whole beans
Coffee grinder. A simple hand grinder is the best
Many coffee lovers will tell you that you also need some weighing scales (the flat type that can be “heated” to zero), and a specialized kettle poured into a kettle with a long thin spout. This is not necessary at all and ends up being the most expensive items in the coffee brewing group. As long as your kettle is able to pour a steady and slow stream of water, it will.


The first step is to boil the boiler. Always stick the kettle at first. Do not want to pour boiling water on your beautiful coffee – it will spoil the taste.

If you’ve got whole coffee beans, grind them in a medium atmosphere. It is better to use the dripper with a rather fine grinding. Very rough and the water will run very quickly and you will get a weak drink. If you don’t have a mill, buy ground coffee to a good average level. Most specialty coffee roasters let you specify the level of grinding you want. If you have your own mill, you can try different grinding settings until you find your preferences. You want a reasonable amount of coffee, so that when you put it in the filter, it ranges from one-third to half in the middle of the side.

Place the V60 (or equivalent) on top of the mug.

If the filter paper has a seam along one edge, fold the seam on itself and then open the paper cone out and place it in the dripper.

The boiler should finish boiling until now and stabilized. Pour a little water on the filter paper to moisten it (before putting the coffee!). Get rid of the hot water from the mug and put the dough again.

Now place your coffee on the filter paper. As I said earlier, the side should come in about one-third to one-half. There is usually a scoop provided with the dripper but it tends to be a little on the small side. Again, you can try the quantities until you get them correctly.

Once the coffee is in the dripper, you can reach the kettle and pour a little hot water over the coffee until the coffee is covered. If they are new, you’ll see that they pop up a little bit when the gases are released. Wait until the water drips and the bubble subsides.

Now start pouring hot water slowly and gradually on the coffee floor. Use a circular motion from the outside to ensure that all coffee is covered. Watch the level in the mug so as not to overflow.

Once you have poured your beautiful coffee you will be ready. Enjoy!

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