Coffee’s Beginner

March 3, 2019 by No Comments

Many people can be familiar with their habits, such as drinking coffee. Many coffee drinkers enjoy the taste, while some enjoy the pleasant flavor that caffeine offers them in the morning. People can tell you almost how old they started drinking coffee and why. People tend to answer “Oh! Coffee? I started drinking it in college! Study and homework at the last minute. Thank you Coffee and Google!”

I? My first sip of flavor was in third grade. I know what you’re thinking, third grade? This is a young age so think about drinking coffee. Don’t worry, my mother was tricking me into thinking that I was older than I was already. She was filling the cup with milk and a little vanilla cream. She would have been drinking the coffee with a quantity of coffee. Naive to me, I was drinking a cup of coffee with adults at the age of eight!

I’m absolutely convinced that I made love of coffee though. My mother was telling stories of how she was pregnant with my older brother Chris. Since he was the first child, my mother had to follow all the rules in the book to get this beautiful, glowing, intelligent and healthy child while he was ready to come to this world. Therefore, books and another mother reported that drinking coffee was not the best idea for a child. Growth stunt and all this is not significant (I’m a young, 5’7, tall woman, if you’re wondering, so I’d like to be proof that coffee doesn’t hinder growth). But hey, my mother was here only to protect her first baby, so in this case do not blame her for drinking coffee during pregnancy with Chris.

Bada Bing Bada Bum, my brother was born and four years later I’m on my way! Things were different this time, my mother felt somewhat risky with this problem. I think that during pregnancy with me she had the option of getting a healthy baby or drinking coffee to her satisfaction. Yes … I guessed it. She fell for her wants instead of my needs. Can you believe it? Ha, I’m just joking, I came out of a healthy child. During pregnancy, she decided that she would try coffee.

To this day, I am convinced that drinking coffee during pregnancy with your child will only lead to coffee addicts. I’m here today, where my coffee drinking habits are determined (well, that’s not all that determines me). I’m sure if you ask anyone who knows me, one of the facts they know is true to them is that I absolutely love coffee, that’s for sure. So why not share love with everyone who drinks coffee? Let’s learn together about more products, international coffee, what to do coffee, health facts, decoration, coffee art (because who knew there was such a thing!)

Well, I hope you make your second cup of the day because you’re about to start!

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