Coffee Culture in India

February 3, 2019 by No Comments

India is the sixth largest coffee producer in the world, but Indians, in general, were not major coffee consumers. Apart from the south where the kaapi candidate prevailed, tea dominated the psychic of the Indian medium. Things are changing fast even though the dual forces of globalization and the Internet have made coffee a great new drink. More Indians are turning to coffee to feed their day of work, as cafes, both local and international, are scattered in all cities and towns. These rapidly expanding cafes are the main place for people to catch up or spend a few hours either at work, reading or just spending time. Equipped with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, these caf├ęs have also become a quick venue for informal business meetings. Cappuccino, latte and double shots were just bizarre words even 20 years ago, and current Indians not only know the difference, they can also distinguish between medium, dark or light roast and look for the best coffee machine.

While Indians were previously satisfied with drinking coffee in coffee shops and tea at home, this is no longer the case.People now want to enjoy quality coffee in the cafe at home and do not move away from buying coffee machines and coffee of the same origin to enjoy their coffee time to the next level. Another reason for this trend is the high level of sugar and artificial flavor found in the coffee beverages characteristic of many cafes, which are not well aligned with today’s health conscious youth. Compare this to a scenario just a few years ago when the average Indian had no idea about the different coffee-making methods, let alone buy a coffee machine. Look for the best coffee machine to run as Indians comb Internet reviews, form coffee appreciation clubs, and attend coffee tasting meetings for the best drink available. Coffee lovers and gourmet sellers find themselves filled with orders to blend their craftsmanship and instant coffee, the option of going to coffee in the past is lost.

While the common misconception may lead people to believe that the price of a coffee machine in India is too high or that the products available are of poor quality, there can be nothing beyond the truth. Not only are coffee makers in India compatible with international brands, but the prices are competitive too, making having the best coffee maker for individual needs is a distinct possibility for everyone. To grind its own coffee, brewing it at home is now a sign of evolution rather than the arduous chore that was well avoided as previously thought.

From a specialty drink to a drink that demonstrates the upward mobility and youth, coffee in India has gone a long and interesting way in twenty short years, leaving us to wonder about the next trend of coffee consumption. While we wait for his appearance, can we suggest a hot cup of coffee?

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